Abashed the Devil stood …

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wickedThis is from a series of photos I did with @NotMuchOfaMuse with Chinese paint brushes and ink. Half the fun was the clean-up. Maybe a quarter. At least 5%.

John Milton was a seriously repressed motherfucker…


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Raoul Duke

I'm queer. I've identified as queer for about a month before I started this blog, but the path from "maybe not entirely straight" to now has been about 3 months - yeah, whoosh. The thing is that this has always been there - less repressed than unrecognised, I think. I'm going to talk about my journey, my history and some of the shits'n'giggles and personal challenges that have come along with this. I hope it's a conversation.

7 thoughts on “Abashed the Devil stood …”

  1. What a lovely photo! When I was in elementary and middle school, my friends and I would often draw and write on each others’ hands, arms, and legs with markers or gel pens. It was fun to doodle and give each other “tattoos”, but mostly I loved the feeling of it on my skin! Kind of like getting a back scratch but more delicate. I don’t think there was anything kinky or erotic about it at that time, but looking back I understand that it was certainly a form of intimate touch between friends. I haven’t thought about that in a long time…. but I think this is something I would really enjoy doing with a partner now!


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